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Pack Your Bags, I Found a New Little Piece of Heaven We’ve Got to Check Out!

March 12, 2010

I adore these, yes I surely do:   


So just imagine my JOY when I opened my new Country Living magazine and found out there’s a place in the great state of Arizona where you can actually stay in an Airstream!  That’s right!  All the comforts of a hotel, but 852 times cuter!    

Why, for a mere $50/night, I can stay in this beauty:   


And I’m not even kidding!   

I’m dying, people!   Just look at the inside goodness:   


A yellow leather booth?!?  Swoon!!   

And how about this:   


Here’s the description, “This 12’ classic was Earl and Marge’s beloved vacation home on wheels for more than 40 years before being called in for duty at the Dell. Bright yellow dinette cushions and a “cherry interior” harken back to its beginning in 1954.”   

Love it!!!  Earl and Marge’s trailer flat-out stole my heart!   

Interested in something a mite bigger?  Why, The Shady Dell has many different Airstreams to choose from!   

At the Shady Dell you get to “Experience the 1950’s in Full Technicolor!  Nine lovely, fully restored vintage aluminum travel trailers await you at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, Arizona. Whether it is the 33 foot Royal Mansion built in 1951 and restored with leopard carpet, martini glasses, Diner-style breakfast booth and phonograph with a collection of 78rpm records, or the 1947 Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace, complete with hand-carved outrigger bar and your own Tiki God, the Shady Dell’s individual trailers will surely send you back to a time when freedom was just another word for jumping in your aluminum house on wheels, finding the Rat Pack on the radio and navigating the open road in search of your own slice of the American Dream.”   

Martini glasses and an old phonographs?!?  Gracious!  It just can’t get any better!   

But it does:   


Oh, my.  Could they shove any more cuteness into one photo?  Love the description:   “Nestled perfectly among the aluminum trailers within walking distance from each front door, is Dot’s Diner. Built in the 1950s by the pride of Wichita Kansas, The Valentine Manufacturing Company, this authentic diner was originally purchased by John Hart in 1957 and delivered to the corner of Ventura and Topanga Canyon Blvd in Los Angeles. The diner was transported by flatbed truck to the Shady Dell in November, 1996. It was run by Dot Bozeman, chief cook and bottle washer until 1999. Enjoy a home-cooked breakfast or lunch at Dot’s Diner.”     

I just bet Dot is as cute as a button, don’t you?   

So here’s the plan:  first we’ll go to the Joy Motel (here), and then we’ll head west to the Shady Dell.  I’m picturing a 1950’s Cadillac convertible (with fins, of course) and lots of open road.   

Who’s in?   

Happy Travels!   



Pink trailer picture from (here).  All the other photos are from the Shady Dell’s website (here).

5 Comments leave one →
  1. sister friend permalink
    March 12, 2010 1:23 pm

    this has family reunion written all over it!

    • March 12, 2010 3:51 pm

      OMG! You made me spit out my Diet Coke! So funny!! What a perfect idea!!! We could just take over the whole camp! I will plan the sock hop!!

  2. March 12, 2010 6:13 pm

    !!! oh i LOVE it! i saw something similar to this in a travel magazine once and thought “that is one place i HAVE to stay before i die”.

    i can’t get over how creative those people are… that would be the perfect summer vacation.

  3. Heather permalink
    March 12, 2010 9:40 pm

    Family Reunion here sounds awesome, I agree 🙂 Much better than a Disney Cruise right?

  4. Dee permalink
    March 15, 2010 1:39 pm

    You know that Tucson is the closest big city to Bisbee right? Will have to visit us!!

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