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Catching Up Brings Me Joy

March 16, 2010


There’s nothing like a good, long catch-up phone call.

You know the kind where you both talk and talk and start 852 new topics and only end up covering about half of them?


The only problem is, I’m not a huge fan of the phone.

Oh, I used to looove the phone.

I remember talking on the phone for hours every night after school.

I never got tired of the phone.

But then something happened.


Three of them.

And suddenly, talking on the phone became like mission:impossible.

The kids were never happy about sharing me with the telephone.

Talking became difficult as I tried to juggle the conversation and the needs of my kids.

Not easy.

So I started to call people after the kids went to bed.

But by then, I was tired.

Suddenly, sleep became way more important than discussing every detail of my day.


These days, my kids know not to interrupt me while I’m on the phone. 

The problem is, when my kids are home, talking on the phone doesn’t seem like the best use of my time.

Again, I’m forced to call once they go to bed.

Only now they stay up later.

Most nights, by the time they go to bed, I’m ready, too.

It’s not that I don’t want to catch up with my loved ones,

it’s just that I can never seem to find an hour to set aside for chatting.

I’ve resorted to scheduling phone dates.

But like a particularly bad suitor, sometimes I can’t even manage to get the dates scheduled.

I know you’re probably thinking,

“Well, Vicki, instead of blogging about calling, why not just call?”

See.  I knew you were thinking that. 

But the truth is, I’m writing this at 10:10 at night.

 I’m not sure anyone would be happy to hear from me at 10:10 at night.

So I got to thinking.

 I can send out some phone date invites at 10:10, right?

I’ll invite some friends on a phone date and have them get back to me with a date and time.

(Do I get partial credit for this?)

Ms. Donie?  Will you please go on a phone date with me?

How about you, Denise?  Will you be my phone date?

(Gosh!  I can’t believe you got the pink phone–sorry about that).


Elle?  I think it’s about time we schedule another one of our super-fun phone dates, too.

(Elle’s actually been on a phone date with me before.  This will be like a second date.  Or third?)

Looks like my social calendar is going to be full of phone dates soon.

Which is a good thing.

Because there’s nothing like the JOY of catching up with old friends.

Have a happy day!



Phone picture links: orange, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, red.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Terry permalink
    March 16, 2010 3:06 pm

    I can set up a phone date with you (under the red phone). With the two hour time difference, 10:10 p.m. your time would be 8:10 p.m. our time in Phoenix. What day is good for you?

  2. Donie permalink
    March 16, 2010 4:42 pm

    Yes. Let’s have a phone date!
    When I started reading this I thought that my e-mail might have inspired you to write this blog.
    I totally understand.
    Having a phone date makes talking to you even more special!
    I’m off ALL week so 10:10 any night is good.
    Or any time you have this week since I’m on VACATION.

    Love and missyou!

  3. Elle permalink
    March 16, 2010 10:30 pm

    YES! As mom said, its spring break! Anytime this week should be great. Next week will be crazy, so that’s not an option but after that drumline is done so we’ll be good.

  4. Mom permalink
    March 17, 2010 3:40 am

    You can call me any night at 10:10, Princess, that’s about when I get my second wind and everyone I know is going to bed. A call from you is always a highlight of any day for me. XO

  5. Denise permalink
    March 20, 2010 8:21 pm

    I’ll have a phone date with you anytime even on a pink phone:)

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