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Knowing Your Thoughts Would Bring Me Joy

March 19, 2010

A few weeks ago I whipped up a couple chalkboard thought bubbles to use at Jack’s Valentine’s Day party.   And let me just tell you, they were a huge hit!  The kids each got to write their own message on the board–whatever they wanted.  Then I took their picture while they were holding it up by their mouths.  Too, too fun.  Some of them were quite creative with their little messages.  The pictures were hilarious.  I plan on using these at more parties in the future.  I think they’d be a hoot to pull out after a few adult cocktails.  : )

Here’s the super-easy directions:

Trace and cut out your thought bubble.  We used 1/4 inch hardboard.

Lightly sand down any rough patches:

Spray the entire surface with primer and let dry.  I used Krylon:

Apply your first coat of chalkboard paint.  Allow the paint to dry completely per directions on can:

Apply second coat.  Allow to dry completely.

Once your boards are completely dry, rub chalk over the entire surface.  Then wipe clean:

Use over and over again!

And here’s a couple bonus pictures from the paper love chains I made earlier in the week.  The kids loved them!  I wrote something different on each link and attached them to the back of their chairs:

Zero cost and easy to do–a perfect little love gift for a random Monday.

Happy crafting!


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