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Beauty and the Beast Brought Us All Big Bunches of Joy!

April 6, 2010

…And coming in a close second behind Wicked as our all-time favorite show was this year’s Beauty and the Beast~a spectacular larger-than-life version of the Disney cartoon.  I love, love, loved this show!  I’ve got to admit, I thought that because I had seen the cartoon so many times when the kiddos were little, that this show might be, well, a wee bit predictable.

Well, I was wrong.  Way wrong.  This show was so much fun!  The Broadway in Chicago folks did a phenomenal job of casting this show;  each character was brilliant.  That Gaston was pitch-perfect.  He captured all the swanky-swagger of the self-loving dim-witted Gaston.  Lumiere shined (sorry) and Belle was just the right combination of nerdy and strong (and BOY could she sing!).   LeFou was excellent as the physical-comedy-loving sidekick to Gaston. 

And the Beast was, well…scary.  Then tender.  Then human.  Perfection.


The kids thought it was awesome.  I love this theater tradition that my brothers and Christy started.

Oh, and the tradition of eating yummy Chicago-style pizza at Uncle Tom and Tommy’s house is also a Terlap family favorite:

And yes, that is pizza on pedestals complete with a tablecloth, candles and flowers. 

Because that’s how Tom and Tommy roll.

Thanks, Tom, Tommy and Christy for the gift of memories and traditions; the very best of all gifts!



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  1. Tabi permalink
    April 7, 2010 10:59 am

    My favorite pizza place (American Flatbread) also serves pizza on pedestals! Definitely leaves more room on the table that way!

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