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Super-Secret Outdoor Adventures Bring Me Joy!

April 27, 2010
(Circles –Soccer balls found at Soccer Locker, taken by Vicki)

A couple of weekends ago, the kiddos and I went on a “Super-Secret Outdoor Adventure.”  John was away at a tournament, so I tried to come up with something the kids and I could do for fun.  I wanted something that a) we could do together, b) didn’t cost a lot of money,  and c) was outside.  While shifting through some websites, I came across this:

on Katrina’s fun site, Puglypixel.  A photo scavenger hunt?  Yahoo!  I have to admit, at first I thought Diana was one of Katrina’s friends.  After a bit of research, I discovered that Diana is a type of point and shoot camera that is currently all the rage out on the blogosphere.  Who knew? 

My kiddos love to take pictures so I thought this would be the perfect afternoon activity.  And it was!  I told the kids to dress for outside, grab their cameras and meet me in the van.  They all tried to guess what we were going to do.  They didn’t even come close, but I did get a few good ideas for future adventures from their suggestions.  : ) 

I printed out a copy of Katrina’s list for each of the kids and we headed to downtown Neenah.    Once we got there, I explained the adventure.  The rules were simple:  they could split up (Jack and I stayed together), but they had to stay in the three-block span of downtown Neenah on Wisconsin Street. If they decided to take pictures inside a business, they had to explain what we were doing (family photo scavenger hunt) and ask permission before they took any pictures.   How they chose to interpret the items on the list was entirely up to them, but the goal was to get the most unique and artistic shot of each item on the list.  I turned them loose on Wisconsin and let them go after their shots. 

Along the way, some magical things happened;  we all met a bunch of new people and visited some really neat stores we had never been in before.  Many people asked what we were doing.  One group of women even asked to copy our list so they could try it with their own kids.  (How fun is that?!?)  We could hardly wait to get home and download all of our pictures so we could see what everyone captured.  Emily created a little slide show for us to watch and we all marvelled at how different our pictures were.  It was a magical afternoon.  We’ve decided we’re going to do a hunt in downtown Oshkosh next!

And now, without further ado, some of our favorites from the Neenah scavenger hunt:

(Look Up, flag above Mom and Pop Place, taken by Emily)


(Something that begins with the letter “T,”  Truck, taken by Vicki)


(Look down, buckets from Mom and Pop Place, taken by Maddie)


(A furry creature, Mom and Pop Place, taken by Vicki)


(A number, taken by Maddie)


(A self portrait, taken by Emily)


(Sparkly, shiny thing, Gumball machine, taken by Jack)


(Look down, taken by Emily)


(Circles, buttons at Vintique, taken by Vicki)


(Something sweet, cereal wall at Aspen, taken by Maddie)


(Something blue, vintage shoes at Vintique, taken by Jack)


(Clouds, {tiara-shaped!},  taken by Jack)


(Something sweet, Cereal dispensers at Mom and Pop Place, taken by Vicki)

Here’s hoping your day is filled with magical adventures!


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  1. Uncle Ken permalink
    April 27, 2010 9:35 am

    Okay – two thing:

    1) You need to be nominated for “mother of the year” — seriously – you always plan awesome activities and involve your kiddos in SO many things!

    2) I’m teaching a “multi-media” class to 7th graders next year. One component of the class is going to be digital photography and then using photostory (software program) to create a storyboard. I’m going to steel this idea – expand upon it some and make this a project for my 7th grade class next year! Thanks!!!!

    Love you!
    Uncle Ken

    • April 27, 2010 10:23 am

      Thanks, Uncle Ken!! I think your 7th graders are going to LOVE this project! I’d love to see what they come up with! Your students are lucky to have YOU!!!

      • Uncle Ken permalink
        September 11, 2010 7:36 am

        So I had to go back and search your blog site today – and found what I wanted! I was looking for the phot scavenger hunt. Told you last year that my multi-tech class (7th graders) were going to do this. I’m going to begin a unit on digital photgraphy in a few weeks and so this is going to be a project they will do – after they do this, they will of course all share their photos, etc., in class – however, the next unit of study I’m teaching after that is on photostory — SO….the project for that unit will be for them to take those pictures and put them into a photostory using music background, etc. Hope this project turns out as good as I think it will! Thanks for the idea!


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