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Peanut Butter Cookie Joy

April 30, 2010

Each and every morning begins with a visit from either Emily or Maddie.  My girls take turns coming in to wake me up before school.  It’s not an organized thing;  it’s usually whoever gets to me first.  But whoever it is, they wake me up, pull back John’s side of the covers and then settle in next to me for a visit.  Some days we talk about their heavy, deep and real concerns.  Some days we discuss their plans for the day.  Other days we just lay together quietly.  Often times those 10 or so minutes are my favorite part of the day.

Today started differently. 

Today Maddie banged into my room and excitedly shouted, “It only takes 7-8 minutes to make a batch Peanut Butter Cookies, can I make some?!!” 

Still groggy with sleep I mumbled, “Huh?” 

Maddie went on to hurriedly explain that it was 6:43, and peanut butter cookies only take 7-8 minutes to bake, so she figured there was plenty of time to make a batch before we had to leave for the school carpool at 7:20.

“Can I please make some,” she begged.

After I gave her the okay, she flew down the stairs and sprang into action.  By the time I made it down, the Kitchenaid was whirling and Maddie and Emily were pulling baking supplies from cabinets.  Spurred on by the promise of fresh-from-the-oven cookies for breakfast (just this once!) the kitchen was buzzing with activity.  Jack was even filling his own lunchbox!  Emily was reading off directions and Maddie was shouting out orders. 

I just sat back and watched. 

A little part of me marvelled at how something as simple as a batch of cookies could spur this kind of teamwork and cooperation and shared sense of purpose.  Another part of me wondered when my babies had grown up and become so capable.  It was apparent that didn’t need my help.  It was one of motherhood’s bittersweet moments.

The cookies came out of the oven at 7:14. 

They were a little bits of soft, fluffy, peanut butter perfection.

The kids were thrilled with their shared success.

Later I realized there was nothing bitter about this morning’s adventure, only the very best kind of sweetness.

It was pure Joy.

I hope your day is filled with a bit of sweetness, too.



cookie picture from (here)

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  1. sister friend permalink
    April 30, 2010 8:54 pm

    the best story ever!!! so jealous and so thrilled you had that morning. my morning was stuck on the express way in a parking lot due to an oil spill and fire. my how we have such different lives! would not trade either one for anything in the world! big love!

  2. claudia b permalink
    May 1, 2010 9:10 am

    i love this story, and i love the mental images of all the hullaballoo. and the cabinets, and the loud instructions, and the sense of ‘conspiracy’ of doing this way-out-of-the-ordinary thing together with glee. oh ….AND yummy outputs at the end of the adventure too. ((i get how this felt bittersweet…..and liked how you were able to heartfully-focused on the sweet part)) 🙂

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