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Random Three

May 5, 2010


1.  I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that my oldest will be heading to high school next year.  Every time I think about it, my brain starts to wrinkle and I get a bad case of the anxiety stomach.  I feel like there’s a clock floating over her head that whispers “four more years…four more years…”  Mamas hold your babies tight. 

2.  It was stormy last night: bad stormy.  Like tornadoes touching down all around us stormy.   The kids and I followed the rules and headed down to the basement.  John stood out on the front porch, like a dad.  The kiddos and I cuddled up on blankets and sang along with the songs playing on the radio.  I reassured them that as long as Dad was outside on the porch and the radio was still playing Top 40, all would be okay.

3.  I have a ridiculously good sense of smell, and most smells remind me of something.  John and his dad swapped cars this week so his dad could switch the snow tires for regular tires.   Dad’s car smells yummy.  I’m sure there’s an air freshener hiding in there somewhere.  I think its scent is “John and Vicki’s Honeymoon.”  Love it.

Hope you have a random happy day!


Three sign found (here).

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