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Facebook Friends

June 16, 2010

Once upon a time, two women became moms within a month of each other.  They each take their newborn babies to the hospital’s mommy group where they meet and bond over discussions about diapers, breastfeeding and nap schedules.  Soon, they both start looking forward to Wednesday afternoons so they can spend time together while their tiny ones roll around on their Gymboreee blankets.  A friendship blossoms.  

The women start scheduling playdates away from the hospital.  Their firstborns begin playing together several times a week.  The women begin sharing everything and soon can not imagine making it through the motherhood adventure without each other.  Spending time together feels easy and their kids love playing together, too. 

Their second babies are born within weeks of each other. 

The women just fold those two new bundles right into the routine.  Life is good.   

And then one day, one of the women moves away.  And then the other one moves, too.  Life marches on and the women lose touch with each other. Years pass.  One of the women moves back to where the two friends first met.  She finds memories of those first three years of motherhood sprinkled all over town.  On a whim, the woman searches for her friend on Facebook.  And viola!  There’s her friend, smiling back at her.  Holy cannoli! 

The two reconnect.   There’s a whole big bunch to catch up on, but the women aren’t worried;  they have the rest of their lives to continue their friendship. 

Life is good.

Yay for Facebook!

Hope your day is filled with unexpected JOY!


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  1. Tay-Tee! permalink
    June 16, 2010 6:14 pm

    Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

    Mission accomplished! Huge joy in my heart! Beautiful photos. Make sure I can always access this link! I want to walk down that section of memory lane over and over-

    Nothing is more beautiful than a child……..

  2. Mom permalink
    June 16, 2010 7:01 pm

    Isn’t it truly amazing and wonderful when people find each other on Facebook and either renew old friendships or begin new friendships? How lucky you are!
    Love and hugs,

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