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Good Guys

June 20, 2010

Good Guys

Good Guys make things happen,
good guys get things done,
make the work look easy,
make the job seem fun,
try a little harder,
show the world their pride,
celebrate the good stuff,
take the rest in stride.

Good guys make a difference
in their quiet way,
seldom seem like heroes
till they save the day,
plan a little smarter,
wisely wait to see
what’s the best direction
for their family.

Good guys do the right thing,
care and pray a lot,
never sweat the small stuff,
give life their best shot,
always go the distance,
see their loved ones through.

Good guys make great fathers…
good guys just like you!

I was raised by a good guy and married a good guy who was raised by a good guy.

I’ve been blessed.  My children are blessed.  Life is so good!

Thanks for being my favorite three good guys, Dad, John and Grampy!

Happy Father’s Day!

I love all three of you big bunches!




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