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Book Review: Still Alice by Lisa Genova

June 27, 2010

I can’t remember the last time a book made me cry. 

That is, until last night when I plowed through Lisa Genova’s brilliant novel, Still Alice;  a beautifully written, heartbreaking, yet uplifting novel about Alzheimer’s disease.  Yes, I am aware of how odd that sentence is.

You’re going to love Alice, a 50-year-old psychology professor at Harvard University who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.   She’s a woman who seems to have it all:  a top-notch career, a stable (if not perfect) marriage and three successful children.  And then suddenly, this woman who has prided herself on her intellect her entire life starts forgetting words, and then how to get home from work and eventually what house she lives in.  Each incident manages to both baffle and devastate Alice.  And you’ll know this, because the book is written from Alice’s perspective.  You’ll go on the journey with Alice and peer inside what it might be like to slowly lose your thoughts and memories.

Throughout the book, I found myself cheering for Alice and hoping for a miracle, even as my rational brain kept telling me that there is no cure for this harrowing disease.  Although Still Alice broke my heart, I can definitely say it’s worth the read, and you’ll like the ending way more than you think you will.  I promise.

Happy reading!



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