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My New Favorite Something

July 24, 2010

Is this not the coolest towel you’ve ever seen?!?  My friend, Deanna, sent it to me all the way from France.  Deanna is living my dream;  she’s  travelling all over Europe, taking in every site and experience she can.  One weekend Deanna’s watching the Tour de France riders zoom right past her, the next she’s taking pictures of windmills in Holland, or standing by those big boulders at Stonehenge.  I do believe there have also been a trip to the North Pole.  Can you imagine?  Sigh.  I’m so jealous.

When I met Deanna, she was an engineer for Kimberly Clark down in Paris, Texas.  We met at the Koman Race for the Cure in Dallas about 3 weeks after I moved to Texas.  Deanna ran by me the whole time and entertained me with all kinds of stories about graduating from the Naval Academy and doing triathlons.  I thought she was amazing.  Before long, she joined my book club and we started training for bike races together.  Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we’d ride the Blossom Loop.  We rode in the scorching heat and dodged wild dog packs together. Ah, good times, good times.  Along the way, she taught me about gardening and dog training.  It seemed like there was nothing this extraordinary woman couldn’t do.

And then one day Deanna told me she was going to leave KC and go to Veterinary school.  Seriously?  Who has the courage to do something like that?  Deanna uprooted her entire life and moved it to Oklahoma State where she graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  Amazing!  Deanna joined the Reserves to help pay for school, and that’s how she’s ended up in Denmark.  And while I’d like to say she’s the luckiest woman I’ve ever met, that wouldn’t really be fair;  Deanna’s worked extremely hard to make each and every aspect of her life run the way she wants.  So keep riding the Lance routes, Deanna, climb mountains and experience the good life.  You deserve it!

Thanks for the awesome towel!!



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  1. Deanna permalink
    July 26, 2010 2:33 pm

    And the part that Vicki doesn’t mention is how she was my biggest cheerleader. I remember riding our bikes around the Blossom loop and talking about all kinds of crazy stuff. When I finally got myself to vet school, the 2 people I owe absolutely the most to for giving me the courage to get there are Vicki and Dr. Wally Kraft, both from my Paris, Texas days!

    And it’s really Vicki’s fault that I’ve been on all these bike adventures this last year. I had been a bicyclist in some previous life when I moved to Paris, Texas. But then this really cool person in this really cool book club got her really cool husband to buy her this really cool new road bike. I rodw with her a few times on my old tri-bike from the previous lifetime, but finally bike envy got to me, and I ended up buying a new road bike just like Vicki had. And that’s the one that’s ridden in Belgium, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and next Germany. And probably on a bike trainer in Afghanistan!

    Go Vicki!! You’re really the super-cool friend who does amazing things!!!


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