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Their Idea of Fun

August 6, 2010

So we got home from our fabulous camping trip this afternoon, all except for John.    John actually pulled the camper right on down from our campsite to nearby Madison so he could play in a two-day tournament.   Emily came home and immediately began to re-packed for a sleepover at a friend’s house.

That left Maddie, Jack and I. 

I asked them what they’d like to do, just the three of us. 

They picked “shop for school supplies.”  Seriously.  My kids LOVE to go school supply shopping.  There’s something about heading out with your very own, grade-specific list that makes my kids completely giddy.

In fact, when Emily heard that I was going to take Maddie and Jack to get their supplies, she almost considered going to her sleepover late.  Really.  (I had to promise her I would take her this weekend to get her supplies).

So we headed off to Office Max to get the perfect folders and pencils and notebooks. 

And a good time was had by all.

Simple joy.


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