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We’re 3/3. Maybe A Pedicure Next Time?

August 22, 2010

So yesterday Amy and I went to see Inception.  Through the whole movie I kept thinking, “Christy would love this movie.  This is such a Christy movie.”  At one point, Amy leaned over and said, “This reminds me of The Matrix.” (One of Christy’s all-time faves).  There was even one scene where the actors walked on walls and the ceiling (very Matrix-ish).  I’ve got to be honest, I did not understand The Matrix.   I just couldn’t manage to get my mind to bend the way you need it to bend it in order to understand what is going on.  I felt the same way with Inception.  I know at least twice I had to lean over and ask,  “Do you have any idea what is going on?”  To which Amy replied, “Beats me.”  We were like two little lost souls trying to work our way through the maze.  Blindfolded.

I guess at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised that Amy and I had a less-than-stellar movie experience together.  After all, our very first movie together was this uplifting saga:

Oh, yes.  Nothing says “cheerful holiday movie” like Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  Like Inception, we had heard that Boy in the Striped Pajamas was “really good!”

Our second movie outing was this one:

which started out funny and then took a dramatic unforseen turn into “religion is a big lie.”  Um.  We definitely didn’t see that one coming.  Amy and I are in a Bible study together.  Needless-to-say, it won’t end up on either of our lists of favorite movies.

Amy and I do a whole lot of things together, most of which are delightful.  Maybe we should take “going to the movies together” off our list of things to do.

I’m thinking next time we should just pick up a bucket of theater popcorn and enjoy it together during a pedicure.

Better safe than sorry.



PS Christy–you’ve GOT to go see that movie–you’ll LOVE it! (And afterwards, you can explain it to me!).

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  1. Elle permalink
    August 22, 2010 10:33 pm

    I loved Inception! Sorry you weren’t thrilled with is a total mind trip!

    • August 23, 2010 8:29 am

      That doesn’t surprise me, Elle! It’s definitely a movie for all you big-brained high-level thinkers! : )

  2. sister friend permalink
    September 11, 2010 12:23 am

    ok. i have to be completely honest. i own all of the matrix movies. i went to each one on opening night. yes i stood in line. yes i moved my seat to the only one that was still open (i don’t like people who munch on popcorn and talk through the previews, i know i am a snob) but it took me a couple of times viewing the first one to understand what was going on. but i got it and the fight scenes were to die for. god i love good cinematographapy (sp?) you me and amy need to have a movie night (i own the entire triology) you bring the pop corn i will supply the wine and the backround of why the matrix series is amazing!!!!!!! and then we will watch inception. that is, if we are still awake! oh and the next day we go to the spa. the “one” would have it no other way ( i will explain who the “one” is that weekend 🙂 xo to you both especially the sparkley one!

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