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Back to School Mini Bunting

September 1, 2010

Today’s the day!  First day of school 2010;  a year I hope will be filled with lots of learning, new friends and oodles of fun memories.

Every year I pop a handmade love gift into the kiddos’ lunch boxes on the first day of school.  This year I went with a little “Happy First Day of School” Bunting.  I hope the girls end up hanging it in their lockers.  I’m sure Jack will find a special place for his, too.

Here’s my favorite kiddos this morning before the big carpool:

I can’t wait to hear all about their first day adventures!

Hope your day was happy!!



Mini lunchbox bunting is craft project #4.  Only 16 to go to reach my goal!

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  1. Grammy permalink
    September 1, 2010 6:28 pm

    Great picture of the children. Love the bunting. Did Emily make her purse? I love it. Also love Jack and Maddie’s hair cuts. Very nice.


    • September 1, 2010 7:45 pm

      Thanks, Mom. I was excited about how great the picture of the three kids turned out. As far as Emily’s purse–are you talking about the little bag with her name stamped on it? I made that to tuck her bunting in. XO

  2. September 4, 2010 9:12 am

    I clicked over from Elise’s Flickr group discussion and I love your bunting project. I can’t wait to explore what other goodies you have up your sleeve!

    • September 4, 2010 4:33 pm

      Yahoo! I’m so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the compliments! Aren’t you loving Elise’s minibook workshop? I can’t wait to sit down with all my pictures, papers, etc. and put all her ideas to work!

  3. sister friend permalink
    September 11, 2010 12:43 am

    best looking kids i have ever seen! school is cool! so proud!

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