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Back to School Survey

September 2, 2010

In the spirit of back to school week…here’s a little survey I completely stole from one of my very favorite sites, Saturday Morning Vintage (along with the fabulous picture!).

Q:  Where could you be found during recess in elementary school? 
A:  Doing penny drops from the monkey bars, practicing cheers, playing hopscotch.

Q:  What was your favorite subject in junior high?
A:  Hmm…probably English, but a close second had to be Band.

Q:  What were your high school colors?
A:  Blue and Gold!

Q:  What was your major in college?
A:  I started out in Psychology, but quickly changed to Rhetoric when I discovered that I needed to take a couple of stats classes in order to continue on as a psych major.

Got a few minutes?  I’d love to see your answers to the above survey–leave them in the comments section!

Have a wonderful day!


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