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A Book For Suzanne

September 24, 2010

Last week I worked on this mini album for Suzanne.  I wanted to capture some of the moments from the John Salata Memorial 5k Run/Walk so Suzanne would have something to look back on.  I purposely did not journal, but I encouraged Suzanne to feel free to add her own thoughts throughout the pages.  I included a copy of the blog I wrote;  I figured that was enough of my observations.  Whether or not she ends up adding her own words, I hope the pictures always remind her of the day we gathered to honor her friend.


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  1. Suzanne Rivera permalink
    September 25, 2010 12:27 am

    Just you coming to this and supporting me was ENOUGH but then when I got the package in the mail this week I had NO idea…..I looked at it but I had to put it aside because of all my emotions and feelings but my daughter, Arielle and my husband, Ariel, found it and commented on what a great thing it was and how well put together it was….it is still very HARD for me to look at it cuz there are SO many emotions…….with my friend John, my family and my sister in law…she gives and gives and gives and NEVER gives up on me even when it seems like I am to be a lost cause…..I love Vicki for the person she is and the person she makes me when I am with her…I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!

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