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Lessons From The Course//Courtesy

October 7, 2010

Day one of the United States Disc Golf Championship is in the books and John is sitting pretty at 67  (-1) going into today’s round 2.  Holy cow!  I was treated to some excellent disc golf yesterday.  John  made some unbelievable shots, including one jump putt (45 feet!) that got the whole group cheering.  It never fails to amaze me when players get out there and throw a disc high and wide one way that ends up close to a basket sitting 250 feet away in the opposite direction.   So very cool.

I spent most of yesterday trying to mind my p’s & q’s.  I’ve been on the course with John before, but never at a tournament of this magnitude.  At this tournament, spectators must stay behind cordened-off areas.  Athletes walk along predetermined paths.  Competitors can bring along a caddy, and that’s it.  As John’s “caddy”, I got to walk along with him for all 18 holes.  Unlike the other caddies, though, I did not actually carry John’s 30-pound bag (he’s had a caddy before and actually prefers to carry his own bag), but I did get to wear an official caddy badge. : )   Because I am not usually a part of these big tournaments, I did my best to just be part of the background;  I didn’t want to be a distraction for John.  I’m sure the other guys in the group would probably describe me as quiet and serious (which would be the complete opposite of how anyone who knows me would describe me). 

Speaking of p’s & q’s, I found out yesterday that the PDGA actually has a courtesy rule that all players are required to follow during tournament play.  The rule covers all kinds of things, including swearing, kicking bags and being mean to other players.  The rule basically states that all players must act in a way that would make mom proud the entire time they are on the course.  If a player breaks a courtesy rule, other players (or course officials) can give the offending player a warning.  If the player continues to be discourteous, they can be assessed a penalty stroke.  I love this!  And you know what?  Even when players in yesterday’s group messed up and were completely upset, they all remained courteous to the others in the group.  It was awesome.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a universal courtesy rule?  You’d hear someone swearing on the bus, and you’d give him a “warning” and they’d immediately remember the courtesy rule.  That would be sweet!

The absolute best part of the entire day was when John came up to me after his very first drive on Hole 1, took my hand and placed it on his racing heart.  He told me his heart races like that on the first drive of every big tournament.  Who knew?  I would have never guessed from his calm, cool exterior.  I also loved how the marshal announced each player before they teed-off, “Representing the state of Wisconsin, John Terlap!”  So cool.

I’m off to get John over to the course to for warm-ups.



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  1. karen permalink
    October 7, 2010 10:51 am

    Congrats on an awesome day 1 John! How exciting for you, Vicki. Keep us updated! Cheering you on from Wisconsin! Karen

  2. October 7, 2010 11:23 am

    thanks for the Insight of a “Major” Disc Golf Event!

  3. Suzanne Rivera permalink
    October 9, 2010 6:57 am

    How great is that…I too learned something about my brother…WHO KNEW?????

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