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October 16, 2010

Isabella:  Auntie Vicki?
Me:  Yes, Isabella?
Isabella:  When I get older I’m going to drive a car!
Me:  Oh, really?  How old do you have to be to drive a car?
Isabella:  Sixteen!

Me:  Isabella, have you ever flown on a plane?
Denise:  No she hasn’t, but she has been on the city bus and the train. 
Isabella: Yeah, I ride the L.
Me:  Did she just say she rides the L*?  I didn’t know what the L was until I was in high school!

While counting pairs of flip-flops in Spanish to Auntie Sarah,  “Okay, let’s all just take a deep breath here.” (Deep inhale–deep exhale).

To me at breakfast this morning when I was putting butter on her pancake,  “Whoa!  That’s a whole lotta of butter!”

While running out the to car before we went to the Children’s Museum,  “Let’s go, Amigos!”

Goodness!  She had me cracking up the whole time she was here!  All of that at 2 years old.  Somehow I think she’ll end up smarter than Auntie Vicki one day!  I was scared to ask her any math questions for fear she’s already smarter than me.  : ) 

That little girl could be the JOY poster child!  The whole Terlap family just LOVES her!  (And Aunt Denise and Uncle Tony, too!).

Hope your day is full of joy!



*The “L” is the elevated train that goes into and out of Chicago.

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