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Scenes From My Crafty Space

November 10, 2010

Hey There Friends!

I have been struck by a big, ‘ole wave of creative inspiration this week, which is a good thing because I’ve got about 8 different projects sitting in my craft space just waiting to be completed!  I have not one, not two, but three different mini albums in the works, which I hope to complete this week.  I will be sure to post pictures of the completed goodness ASAP.  I’m also working on an Advent project idea and gathering supplies to try my hand at a December daily.  And of course, I’m knee-deep in deciding what kind of handmade treasures I want to make for Christmas gifts.  Good thing I’m feeling inspired, huh?

This morning I was feeling blessed to have such a fabulous space to create in–the light through the window was so lovely, hence the need to whip out my camera and take a few shots of my surroundings.  Which, of course, led me to writing today’s blog.  But now I’m going to head back downstairs and get my crafty on!

I hope your day includes at least a little bit of time to be creative too!



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