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Prelim Magic//Arizona Style

December 2, 2010

Day One Prelims are in the book, and let me tell you…it was FUN being a Wildcat fan this morning!!  Wow!  There was a whole bunch of fast swims this morning, especially for prelims.  Arizona’s Cory Chitwood and Austen Thompson swam the two fastest 200 IM times in the country so far this year at 1:44.87 and  1:45.37, respectively.  AJ Tipton swam a 46.46 on his 100 fly, which was also a country’s best time.  Not bad for prelims, huh?  I’m sure they will be even faster tonight at finals.    On the women’s side, Margo Geer (a freshman!!) went 22.26 on her 50 free.  For those of you who are not swim fans, let me tell you:  that’s fast!  I can’t wait to see what she does tonight in finals.

My favorite ROCK STAR, Amy, swam the 50 free today in 25.43, a great swim for the breaststroke specialist.  Tomorrow she swims her favorite event, the 100 Breast–I can’t wait!!

(Don’t tell Amy, but I was pretty excited about seeing a couple of my favorite Olympic Longhorns in action today, too.  If I was a Longhorn fan this week, I would have been cheering for both Eric Shanteau who swam the 200 IM and Garrett Weber-Gale who went a 19.69 in the 50 free.  But since I’m STRICTLY an ARIZONA fan, I kept quiet.  I did sneak these pictures though…

As promised, all the Arizona parents gathered in the lobby to sing the fight song to the team as they exited the hotel.  I think we could have probably benefited from a few practice run-throughs, but we were all really good at waving the red and blue pompoms!  I think tomorrow we should add some choreography and a few cartwheels to our routine.  You know, just in case we didn’t embarrass them enough with the singing and pompom waving.  : )

Alright!  I’m off to finals~




PS  I almost forgot!!  Look at these totally cute nametags we get to wear:

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