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Arizona Swimming Wrap-Up//Favorite Moments

December 5, 2010

Hey There!
I am back home and glad to be back to real life and my fabulous family. As much as I love to travel, I am always happy to get home again to the people I love most.


This week has been filled with some tremendous swim moments. I am so happy I had the opportunity to travel down to Texas to watch Amy set a new personal best time in both the 100 and 200 breaststroke. I know, without a doubt, that Amy is in the right place, with the right team and the right coaches. To say that I was impressed with the Arizona swimmers would be an understatement. They are definitely the real deal; there is no shortage of talent on either the men’s or women’s roster. Throughout this week I was introduced to plenty of talent–I will not be surprised to see many of these fine men and women representing the US in London in 2012.

But beyond stellar swims, what impressed me most about this week was Arizona as a TEAM. It is obvious that this group is working together toward a common goal. I loved watching them support each other.

And can we talk about the Arizona parents for a moment? As a swim mom myself, I know how swimmers need and appreciate the support of their family. Well, that support was definitely on display this week in Texas. The Arizona parents were loud and proud the entire time. Very cool.

So, to my regular readers, thanks for hanging in there this week while I bombarded you with swim blogs. And to those of you reading for the Arizona blogs–thanks for stopping by. 

Best of Luck, Arizona Wildcats, in your quest for a NCAA Championship.

And Amy–you ROCKED this week!

Thanks for the memories!



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