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I Love Laundry!

December 14, 2010

John bought me a new washer and dryer this weekend!  In celebration, I’m going to put on my best dress, a pair of killer heels and some red lipstick.  Then I’m going to invite all my fancy friends over to see how absolutely fabulous my new washer and dryer are!  I mean, I don’t want to brag, but they are one good-looking pair of appliances.   Why, I’ve been doing laundry non-stop since John hooked them up on Sunday!  I purposely changed clothes 6 or 7 times yesterday just so I would have more to wash!  Fresh sheets every day?  Why not!  Hot towel after your shower?  Coming right up!  Friends, I am down-right giddy about doing laundry now! 

Have a super-great day!



PS  I totally lied.  I still hate laundry.  BUT–I’m grateful for my new washer and dryer.  : )  Thanks, John!

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  1. Mom/Grandma permalink
    December 14, 2010 7:36 pm

    Nothing like a brand new set of appliances to make doing laundry more fun than chore, at least for the first week or two. We knew he was looking, but didn’t realize he was surprising you. Good thing we didn’t spill the beans. Enjoy doing laundry, at least for a while.

    Love and hugs,

  2. sister friend permalink
    December 18, 2010 4:40 am

    oh my goodness. new washer and dryer!! that is awesome! and i love the fact that you got all bedazzeled up to do laundry! that is hilarious! girl after my own heart! there is nothing better than a new front loader! xo

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