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Are You Smarter Than Your Dog?

December 30, 2010

Of all the gifts I bought this year, it was this hard plastic weeble-wobble-ish treat dispenser that I couldn’t wait to give.  I just knew Buster was going to love it.  The premise is simple–you fill the egg with treats through the two-sided sliding door and your dog will have a blast playing with it and then eating the treats that fall out as the egg swings from side to side.  I pictured Buster all giddy as he played with it and discovered that treats were literally flying out at him.  I just knew that this simple toy would give Buster big Christmas joy.

After we helped Buster open his gift (no opposable thumbs), I quickly filled the egg with his favorite treats, opened the little doors, and demonstrated the weeble-wobble action.  Just as advertised, treats sprayed out at Buster.  He was thrilled!  Then I stepped back and let Buster have a go at it.  He pushed it with his nose.  It weebled.  It wobbled.  Then:  nothing.   He walked away.  Undeterred, I gave the egg another push.  More treats came flying out.  Buster was thrilled!  I stepped away and let him try again.  He pushed it around a bit, got bored and walked away.  I called him back, gave it another mammoth push;  treats went flying.  Buster was thrilled!  Once he ate the treats, he laid back down.  Once again, I urged him on,  “Come on, Buster!  You can do it!” 

And so it went:  I would give the egg a push, Buster would get all excited and eat the treats.  Then Buster would feign indifference and lay back down. 

After watching this spectacle for a while John just shook his head and said, “He’s a lot smarter than you give him credit for, Vicki.”

He might be right.


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