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One Simple Resolution

January 5, 2011

So somewhere along the way, I became the “late mom.”  Yup.  It’s true;  try as I might, I always seem to be the mom flying into the parking lot at the last-minute to drop off and pick up my kiddos.  My kids hate it.  Especially Jack.  Jack seems to have inherited all of his Dad’s “on time” genes and he can’t stand to be late to anything.  In general, Jack is my easy-going, completely laid-back kid.  Except when we’re running late.  Morning carpool is the worst.  The poor guy gets in the car at 7:10 every morning and proceeds to get a tour of the entire Neenah school district.  First we travel to the high school to drop off Emily.  Then, we’re off to the middle school to drop off Maddie.  Then it’s time for the million-mile trek back through carpool and commuter traffic back to Jack’s school which is only about a mile from our house.  Some days we’re lucky;  we manage to weave through all the crazy traffic and arrive at his school on time.  Other days, we’re stuck in long drop-off lines and we hit every red light from Shattuck Middle School to Clayton Elementary.  On those days, my laid-back little man turns into Mr. Bundle of Nerves.  It starts with some loud sighing and progresses from there.  The closer it gets to 8:00, the more tense Jack gets.  It’s not pretty. 

John’s philosophy is “if you’re on time, you’re late.”  He is happiest when he arrives at his destination 10 minutes early.  Needless-to-say, that doesn’t always happen when he has to arrive somewhere with me.  The truth is, I don’t like being late, either.  But somehow I always think that I can do more things than possible in any alloted time slot.  John calls it my “trying to shove 10 pounds of cr*p in a 5 pound bag” problem.  I think it’s more like I constantly over-estimate how much I can do at any given time.  Whatever you call it, I know it’s a problem.  It’s part of why I chose “balance” as my one little word for this year.  Finding some balance this year is my big goal, but my one simple resolution is to arrive on time–to everything, especially when it involves my kids. 

Of course, even if I arrive on time, I’ll still be late in John’s book, but at least it’s a start, right?



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  1. Tommy permalink
    January 5, 2011 10:33 am

    You are just like your brother!

    • January 5, 2011 7:33 pm

      Ha! Christy and I just discussed that very thing! We decided Tom is more like a “20 pounds in a 5 pound bag” kind of guy. He’s definitely worse than me!

  2. Dede Sharp permalink
    January 5, 2011 11:23 am

    Love it!! At least you’re not alone…I’m right there with ya!

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