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Holy Cow! What a Week!

January 16, 2011

See that beautiful lady?  That’s John’s grandma, or “GG” as we call her.  John’s Grandma is one of my very favorite people.  She’s sharp as a tack and lots fun to be around (she’s also a card shark!).  Last Saturday we gathered all of her friends and family and surprised her with a special party to celebrate her 96th birthday.  She was so delighted.  There is nothing better than seeing someone completely delighted, is there?  Gosh, I loved seeing her face when she looked around and saw so many of her friends and family gathered around her.  She just radiated joy.  It was the best!

You know what else was the best?  Watching my kiddos swoosh down the ski hill last weekend.  It was the first time on skis for them and they loved it!  Jack went from unsure to super-star within the first hour.  We took the kids out of school last Friday (don’t tell!) and the hills were pretty empty.  We could ski down the hill right up to the ski lift and get right back on to go back up.  It doesn’t get better than that!

On Wednesday I baked 4 different batches of cupcakes and whipped up 3 double batches of homemade frosting to recreate my famous cupcakes in a jar.  I tell you what, nothing spreads a big bunch of joy like a cupcake in a jar.  This batch was for the teachers and staff at Jack’s school.  I decided it was time to send some appreciation their way.   Passing out treats to unsuspecting teachers is my very favorite part of being the Staff Appreciation chair.  What an easy way to make someone’s day.  (The picture above is not mine–I forgot to take a picture of the jars when I was done, but mine looked a lot like the ones above;  I even made a batch of red velvet  similar to the ones in the picture).

On Monday I started my Boot Camp class.  I was right, it wasn’t run by the US military, although I’m pretty sure my instructor would have made a fine soldier.  She’s tough.  She does every single move along with us and manages to yell at us at the same time.  There are no breaks.  None.  It’s just go, go, go, the entire 75 minutes.  I made all three classes this week and have the super-sore muscles to prove it.  Yesterday, Amy and I went to our first yoga/Pilates fusion class, which was pretty tough, too, but in a completely different way than Boot Camp.  I don’t think our instructor yelled at us even once, but she did make us sweat.  Buckets.

Friday night we had Maddie’s birthday party.  Maddie and her friends had so much fun, there was tons of laughter and silliness.  Pizza, a scavenger hunt and a red velvet tort;  the best kind of party!

Today I’m going to stay in my jammies all day.   And maybe tomorrow, too.   Heck, I might just take this whole week off.  : )

What did you do this week?

Have a delightful Sunday!

(GO BEARS!!!))



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  1. Elle permalink
    January 16, 2011 10:43 pm

    Looks like Maddie’s birthday was a success! Seems like you were just making my thirteenth birthday cake…such good memories! 🙂

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