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And Now the One Where I Pretend I Have An Oscar Vote

January 29, 2011

Oh. My.

I loved this movie.

I am a complete fool for a good underdog story. 

Throw in a beautiful, complicated friendship between two very different men, and you’ll get my vote.

Not that I have one. 

But if I did have a vote, I’d give The King’s Speech wins across the board:  best actor, best supporting actor, best movie.

It’s that good, friends.  It’s that good.



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  1. January 29, 2011 2:31 pm

    Ooooh, good to know. Maybe it’s time to get a babysitter and go to a movie?!?!?

    • January 29, 2011 5:01 pm

      It’s such a great story, Paige! The audience clapped when it ended. I can’t remember the last time I clapped when the credits rolled!

  2. January 30, 2011 6:17 pm

    I never get to the movies. I usually end up seeing them on DVD, but this might be an exception. I really, really like Colin firth.

  3. February 1, 2011 12:20 am

    I’ve been hearing so many good things about this movie and I absolutely love Colin Firth. Must see it soon!

  4. February 4, 2011 4:22 pm

    I went to see The King’s Speech with my 21yo daughter and we both agreed that Colin Firth is brilliant in this film. He more than deserves the Oscar.

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