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Plan B

February 2, 2011

Well, it turns out my forever Valentine won’t even be in town the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  Bummer.  I forgot he’s going to be in South Carolina.  There goes my Valentine’s brunch.  Or…maybe not.  I suggested doing a brunch for the girlie-girls and their friends that weekend instead.  They liked that idea.  A lot.  A heart-inspired brunch for all girls?  Yes, please!  Hearts and flowers and fancy drinks with stripey-straws?  You bet!  And how about spending some time afterward making mini-albums?  Now you’re talking! 

Maybe we don’t need any boys for this holiday, after all! : )

I’m off to go design a cute invite.  Stay tuned for details!



cake picture spotted (here).

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  1. Donie permalink
    February 2, 2011 5:18 pm

    Are you going to do this cake?
    Might be a fun project for the girls if the cakes are already made!

    I am remembering a lovely dinner at your house for the girls only!
    My introduction to your amazing gift of giving parties! LOVED it!

    Do you still have pics of your lovely table that night? Amazing.

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