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And Now for Something That Has Nothing to Do With Surgery or Dogs

February 20, 2011

Hello, Friends!

Boy, howdy! It’s snowing like crazy today!  I’m all snuggled up in my favorite blanket with my foot propped up on soft pillows enjoying a lovely fire in the fireplace (heaven!).  I just talked the kiddos through my chocolate-chip-cookie-making-process and have thoroughly enjoyed my role as taste-tester.  I’m a firm believer that cookies (and sandwiches…and salads) always taste better when someone else makes them for you. 

I’m thinking today seems like a perfect day for me to share a little bit of new happiness I’ve run into.  Ready?

#1.  This adorable couple:

takes amazing photographs.  A-may-zing!  And then they blog about the sessions here.  I can’t remember how I stumbled upon their website, but let me tell you…I’ve developed a little crush on these two after reading their blog and looking at their photos.  They are so stinkin’ cute together.  I can just feel how much they love what they do.  I’m thinking a photo session with these two would be a blast.  My not-so-secret-wish:  to have Bobbi and Mike take family photos next year for the big 2-0.  I think that would be the greatest gift, ever!

#2.  This lovely new-to-me-blog:

which is completely full of all of the things I love best:  stunning pictures, delicious recipes and fun stories.  Teresa’s writing style and her fun outlook on life make me want to put my house up for sale and purchase the farm next door to hers just so we can be friends.  Girlfriend’s pictures make life in Montana look like a little bit of heaven on earth.  You can find her wonderful blog (here).  P.S.  I totally want to stay in her guest room. 

#3 This fabulous, new-to-me-blog:

which is filled to the brim with craft projects and how-tos and lovely photographs.  If Ashley didn’t seem so darn nice, I’d probably be completely jealous of her! She is a crafting goddess.  Seriously.   Stop on over and see all the goodness. You’re in for a treat, I promise!

Hope your day is filled to the brim with goodness!



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  1. February 24, 2011 9:34 am

    Love reading Bobbi and Mike’s blog, too! And Ashley? She is super nice and creative! 🙂

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