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March 2, 2011

Hello, Friends!

Buster got his staples removed yesterday.
But not his cone.
Seems he has to wear the cone for a while longer.
I’d be more specific, but John forgot to ask how much longer.
That’s the difference between John and I.
I definitely wouldn’t have left that office without knowing when Buster could ditch the cone.
John said we should just leave it on him permanently.
He thinks he’ll stay out of trouble that way.
He’s mean like that.
Just kidding, he’s not really mean.
But he did fail to find out when we could take the cone off.
So the cone remains firmly in place.
For now.
Buster is actually getting better at maneuvering around with it on.
He only crashes into the walls every now and then.
Poor guy.
I love it when he comes in from outside and there’s snow in his cone.
I call it his “Snowcone”.
Once he gets inside, he licks all the snow off from around his cone.
He’s off pain meds now.
I think he’s missing the peanut butter sandwiches.
He’s a big fan of the peanut butter sandwich.
He gave me the stink eye this morning while I was eating my toast.
He couldn’t understand why I was eating his peanut butter.
I actually felt a little guilty.
I convinced him that I wasn’t enjoying it one bit.
I don’t think he bought it.
Speaking of buying, I’m thinking about buying Buster one of those nifty bow ties.
You know, to celebrate, once the cone comes off.
I think he’d look quite distinguished with a little bow tie.
I’m sure that little bow tie would be the perfect “You Made It!” gift.
On second thought, he’d probably be happier with a big ‘ole peanut butter sandwich.



Want to buy your own adorable doggie bow tie?  You can find it (here)

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