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March 3, 2011

Hi Friends!

Here’s this weeks’ 52Photos submission.  Our prompt was “street,” and since I’m still on the disabled list, I sent Emily out to take this picture.  Emily has been so great about helping out since my surgery, but she did give me a weird look when I asked her to do this favor.  : ) (Does it still count if you don’t take your own pictures?)   Hopefully next weeks’ prompt will be an indoor one, so I can do it myself.  

I love that my kids will be able to say they grew up on “Hidden Creek Road.”  (Doesn’t it sound sweet?)  And yes, there is actually a little creek that runs in the woods behind our house.  In the spring, thousands of frogs mate there–you wouldn’t believe the noise!  In the summer, I can hear birds sing all day long.  And in the fall, the ducks quack and quack and startle Buster when he’s out in the back yard.  My favorite time, though, is in the winter when the creek freezes and we can walk on it and pretend to ice skate.  It’s pretty magical back there, in the woods.

Last weeks’ 52Photos prompt was “city.”  This time last week I wasn’t in any shape to be taking pictures, so I submitted a picture from my files:

Oh, New York, I love you!  It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Tom, Tommy, Christy and I were walking up and down 42nd street.  It was so easy to fall in love with New York City.


In unrelated news…I saw my surgeon yesterday.  He removed my stitches and gave me a fresh cast.  I was pretty bummed about them taking off my first cast–all that cute artwork is now gone (plus Christy’s message!).  Oh well, guess I just need to break out the paint pens again!  Everything is still swollen and pretty gruesome under my cast, but it was kind of cool to take a peak.  Only 6 more weeks to go!  Hooray!

Have a wonderful day!


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