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March 7, 2011

Hello, Friends!

Did you have a fabulous weekend?  Mine was pretty darn good, all-in-all. 

The highlight of the weekend had to have been hearing Emily play at Solo and Ensemble on Saturday.  So pretty!  The judge loved it–she spent quite a bit of time afterwards giving Emily positive feedback.  Emily just glowed.  There’s nothing like seeing your kids bloom right in front of your eyes.  Later that day, Emily played in a brass choir.  They blew me away!   Emily was the only freshman in the group and afterwards she said, “I’m just so proud to be part of that group!”  Awesome day!  The Brass Choir will compete at State at the end of April.

Last week we also found out that Jack’s painting that he did for the PTA’s Reflection’s program won state and will be sent on to Nationals!  Woo-Hoo!  This year’s theme was “Together We Can,” and Jack painted two kids standing on top of the world holding a peace flag.  I am so proud of my little artist.  The banquet is going to be held at Blue Harbor Water Resort, and I’m pretty sure that Jack is more excited about going to the water park than he is about winning.  : )

In other housekeeping matters, my Dad informed me that he’s been anxiously awaiting the results of the big sink skirt vote.  I had no idea how excited you all were about the outcome!  : )  Anyway, pattern #1 won by one vote:

Followed by pattern #5:

I have contacted both sellers about availability and so far haven’t heard back from the sellers of pattern #1.  We might end up with #5 after all!  (Jack would be thrilled!).  A big thanks to everyone who voted!

This week I’m going to be baking for my dear friend, Deanna, who is over in Afghanistan.  She sent me this message:

“Gah! I am way out in the boonies! This is going to be a very interesting year. I’ll have to send more later on all that I do here – it’s going to be a fun job. But if you and any of your Martha Stewart type friends need anyone to send care packages to, this place is it! We are up north on a German base in a coalition sector. Translated – No American snacks. Bummer. My guys agree that when we were coming over here, we didn’t think we would need anyone to send us much, but we’ve totally changed our minds. Anything anybody sends me will get shared among all the people I work with. We are having snack withdrawals. :-)”

Jess (my partner, the roller derby goddess) has already taken care of her end of the deal,  I will finish filling the boxes and ship them over to Deanna this week.  It is so weird to get a Facebook message where the subject reads, “Greetings from Mazar-e-sharif!”  Thank goodness for brave souls like Deanna who are willing and able to do what I can not even imagine doing!

What are you up to this week?

Have a great day!




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