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March 10, 2011

Hi Friends!

This week’s 52Photos challenge was kind of a toughy:  wrinkles.  The first thing I thought of was my laugh lines, and while I am actually kind of proud of having acquired so many fine laugh lines over the years, I wasn’t sure I would be able to capture them in all their glory the way I wanted.  So then my mind naturally went to the kind of wrinkles that I have to attack with an iron.  Have I ever mentioned how much I like ironing?   I love that I can take something that looks bad and straighten it out almost immediately.  I get the same feeling with vacuuming:  instant gratification.   Now if only emptying the dishwasher and scrubbing toilets made me feel that way…

Anyway, the picture above is of a stack of vintage material that I’ve had in my stash for quite a while.  I used a bit of it to make my Joy journal, but I still have a bunch left.  I’m working on a new spring project that I thought my material would be perfect for…once it was ironed, that is.  I’ll be posting pictures of the project soon.

In other “material” news, there’s been a shocking development in the old “my sink needs a new skirt” vote!  Pattern #1 is not available in the yardage I need, so Jack’s favorite, #5 is the new winner.  (So exciting!). I’ll be sure to post pictures of the skirt when it is done.

The sun is shining here and the sky is gorgeous.  I hope it’s sunny where you are, too!


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