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On Jumping and Showers//Buster Update

March 29, 2011

Buster jumped over Jack’s red beanbag chair this morning.
He just sailed right on over it, no problem.
Is it wrong that I’m jealous of the fact that Buster can already jump?
Not that he’s supposed to be jumping yet.
He didn’t ask or anything, he just did it.
In general, he’s been very good during his recovery period.
Taking it easy and all.
Since we removed his cone, he’s left his incision completely alone (thank goodness!).
And he’s not even limping anymore (yahoo!).
These are good things.
But watching him clear that beanbag chair this morning really got to me.
It’s just that it doesn’t seem fair that he can already take long, daily walks and jump over beanbag chairs,
and I’m still using my crutches.
I want to jump, too.
(Okay, that’s a total lie.  I haven’t missed jumping at all).
But I have missed walking–especially up and down stairs.
We have a lot of stairs in our house.
It seems like every single thing I need is either upstairs or downstairs.
But back to Buster, our super dog.
As in:  super-stinky.
We’re waiting until Buster’s final x-rays are taken in two weeks before we give him a bath.
And let me tell you;  he definitely needs a bath.
Hey!  Did I tell you that I can now take a shower thanks to my new removable Aircast?
I tell you what:  showering is one of life’s most taken-for-granted pleasures.
Showering ROCKS!
I will gladly crawl up and down the stairs to take a shower.
Which is something Buster can’t do.
I’ll take a good shower over a jump over a beanbag chair any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
The truth is, someone could probably take Buster to the doggie wash and give him a bath,
but it’s kind of my job and it’s definitely something I can’t manage on one leg.
The good news is we’re both closing in on week #6,
which means it won’t be long until I can take my favorite dog over to the doggie wash for a big, ‘ole bath.
Just two more weeks until I get the go-ahead to ditch the crutches!
And once I do, you better believe I’ll be jumping up and down for JOY
(just probably not over Jack’s red beanbag chair).  : )



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  1. sister friend permalink
    March 30, 2011 7:59 am

    that is awsome news for both of my little patients. YEAH!! thank you both for healing so well!

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