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March 31, 2011

Hi Friends!

Thanks to last weeks’ spring break blizzard (seriously?!?), my lawn and gardens are once again covered in snow and ice, but that has not stopped me from dreaming about this year’s Joy garden.  After church on Sunday, the whole family headed over to pick out this year’s seeds and supplies.   I’m determined to have plenty of seedlings good-to-go by the end of May (the earliest we can actually put things in the ground in Wisconsin).  You know that old phrase, “her eyes were bigger than her stomach?”  Well, that was kind of how I felt once I started grabbing seed packets.  Good thing John was there with his “realistic” eyes.  : )  I’m so glad I married a practical man who can do math in his head and come up with how much will realistically fit in my gardens.  I definitely learned a lot last year about following the spacing directions and how much each tiny little seedling will yield (hellloooo way too many cucumbers!).  The problem is, it’s just all so good!  Of course I want to grow cantaloupes and tomatoes and beans and lettuce and peppers and strawberries and blueberries and yes, even cucumbers (but not as many!).  Unfortunately, I am limited to three beds (yay! John’s adding a third bed this year!) so I need to plan accordingly.  In the end (after much deliberation) this is what we decided on to try from seed:

Next month we’ll pick up some plants from Steins:  cherry tomato, Roma tomato, green pepper, basil and a few more strawberry plants.  My plan is to have one whole bed full of strawberry plants so I can make jelly for John (his favorite!).

This year we’ve also joined a farmer’s co-op for the first time.  I’m down-right giddy about getting a box of locally grown produce delivered to my door every other Friday afternoon.  I’m hoping that between what we grow ourselves and what we get from the co-op, I won’t have to buy any produce from the grocery store all summer.  Of course, I’m planning on hitting the farmer’s market every week to buy Michigan blueberries–you know how I adore blueberries!  I plan on filling the downstairs freezer with blueberries to get me through next fall and winter!  Can’t wait!

Yay for home-grown veggies and fruit!



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