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Scenes from the Rally

April 19, 2011

Stranger in a Strange Land.
That’s how I felt at Saturday’s Tea Party Rally in Madison.
What struck me the most was not the speeches, or the musical entertainment, or the stories, or even Sarah Palin.
What struck me the most was the passion.
The passion of those who support the Tea Party.
The passion of those who were there to demonstrate against the Tea Party.
The cheering and jeering. 
The applause and the drums and the cowbells and the chanting.
Our greatest freedom as Americans is that we get to freely and passionately speak our minds.
And believe me, all kinds of people were freely and passionately speaking their minds on Saturday.
I believe that an informed voter should understand all sides.
An informed voter should listen to the opposition.
So I went and listened.
I listened to the 14-year-old girl who talked about the importance of paying off America’s debts.
And I listened to the small business owners who shared their stories of standing up to “union thugs.”
I even listened to Sarah Palin.
And all the while (every single moment of the rally) I listened to protestors chanting and yelling.
And I thought, once again, that only in America could these two things be going on simultaneously.
I wondered about those protestors.
About their passion.
About what they were hoping to accomplish with all that yelling and shouting and jeering.
The rally went on just as planned, despite their best efforts.
But then I thought, maybe, just maybe, all they really wanted was a chance to publicly say, “I don’t agree with this.”
And they had every right to say it*.
Just like the Tea Party members had a right to stand on the state’s Capitol steps and talk about their agenda.
Because this is America.
Land of the Free.



*Except during the Star Spangled Banner.  I hated that the protestors shouted through the singing of our National Anthem.

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  1. sister friend permalink
    April 19, 2011 10:08 pm

    excellent and thought provoking entry. politics is a funny thing. just entering into the political arena this year with tom running for alderman i found that it takes all kinds. and no matter what party you are affiliated with – the cheers and jeers will be there. but you are right – an informed voter is the best voter. i would like to think that no matter what, each and every person there wants what is best for this country. the question is… what that really means. everyone will have different answers to that question. the right canidate may not always win but that does not mean we do not keep going. to make this country (or blue island for that matter) the best it really can be. thanks for the blog. it is only when people really start talking that real change will happen.

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