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With Love From the Easter Bunny

April 27, 2011

Hi Friends–

Before I pack away the kiddos Easter baskets for another year, I thought it might be fun to give you a peek at what was inside.  Even though my kids are 14 1/2, 13 and 9 1/2, they still love hunting for their Easter baskets.  For the past two years, we’ve been down and Tom and Tommy’s on Easter morning so my brother has hid their baskets for us.  It is so much fun watching my (fairly grown) children run around the house trying to find their baskets.  They get so adorably distressed when they can’t find them–it’s hilarious!  I told Tom to hide them “extra hard” this year, and he did a great job. 

This year I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to put in their baskets.  Gone are the years of Barbies and sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

This year they each got one gift that was the same, a print I found in Jessica Swift’s shop on Etsy.  I fell in love with its simple message and knew each of my kids needed one for their room.

Jessica was a pleasure to work with. I asked her if she could print the design in three different colors to match their rooms.

Jessica sent me one in orange, one in blue and one in purple.  I loved them and so did the kids!

I hope that simple message is the first thing they see each and every morning.



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